Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Looking for a "cheap" bounce house?

Looking for a "cheap" bounce house?

Beware of the "cheapest companies in town" there is a reason they are considerably cheaper...consider:

  • Cleaning
When researching who you will use for your Bounce House Rental this season, consider what the companies cleaning practices are.   It's important that you check out the reviews the company has been give and specifically look for reviews that refer to whether or not the company has clean or dirty equipment.  There is companies that are very careless in running their business, starting with the hygeine factor.  The Inflatables are made of vinyl therefore it needs to be cleaned but also disinfected with a special product that offers both of those options.  With that said any company can tell you they clean, but what do their customers say? 

  • Safety
It's imporant to ask basic questions such as:

1.  How many kids does the inflatable that you are interested in accomodate?

Does the company know this for their basic inflatable units and have this information on file to look up,  pretty clearly showing you, that they know the capacity of all of their units?  They should at the very least have this available to look up and have an answer on that in just a few minutes.  (This is with the exception of a new unit maybe they need to look up.)

2.  Do you have safety rules for the inflatable?  

Is the company able to provide you with rules the day of the event?  Are they asking for you sign off that they explained these rules to you?  

3.  Does the company have a phone # to call while your unit is at your location in the event of an emergency or question?

Are they able to provide you with a phone # or emergency # to call while you have one of there rentals on location?  What is their protocal for emergencies?  

4.  Is the company registered in the state?

Can they give you evidence to show they are registered with the state.  Can they supply you with a phone # to verify this?  Do they caution you on using someone no registered?  

5.  Does the company carry liability insurance?

Is the company able to email you a copy of their policy to show they are insured?  Often you can verify this simply by finding out if they are registered with the state.  In some states (like PA) you are required to send your Insurance Policy to the Department of Agriculture to ensure you have a minimum of $1 Million Dollar Policy.  This has to be on file each year with PA.  You can be assured if the company you are using is registered in PA they are also valid on their Insurance Certificate.

6.  Is the units inspected regularly?

Again in PA they do require regular inspections.  Once again, if they are registered with PA, they are required and have the oversight of the Dept. of Ag to make sure they are fully inspected.

7.  Does the company carry a workmanns comp policy?
In Pennsylvania worker's comp is mandatory for all employers who have one or more employees, whether they are part-time or full-time, including family members.  It's important for you as the consumer to use companies who have worker's comp policies because if the employee gets injured on your site there expenses will be covered by the worker's comp policy.  If no coverage exists that person may claim on your home owners policy costing you aggrevaton, time and possibly money.

8.  Does the company have Commercial Car Insurance Policy?

Businesses need a higher liability insurance, as well as additional coverage add-ons to make sure the employee's, other individuals, company vehicles and the business are fully protected.  You are required to have Commercial Auto Insurance if you use your vehicle for work or your own behicles operated by a business.  Commercial car insurance coverage isn't just about big rigs, but cover vehicles such as cars,pickup trucks, sports utility vehicles, etc.  

Using companies who are following the guidelines set for Businesses helps cover you as well.  Imagine there is a accident involving a vehicle of an employee or even the business that is not covered under a Commercial policy but a personal policy of the individual or business that is in an accident in your driveway, church parking lot, business parking lot, school lot, etc.  You may be liable as well on your home owners, church, business property for not only the employees damages/injury but also for those on your property.   

9.  Does the company you are using have a weather policy?

It's important that the company recognizes that there is weather where it is unsafe to setup and/or leave an Inflatable in use.  Do they have a policy for bad weather such as Wind, and Thunder/Lightening?  

  • Cost
It's definitely important to weigh costs for bounce houses.  In general bounce companies typically rent by the day (8 hours) however a few will rent all for 3 day weekends, advertising how this is able to allow you to play more...

Beware of companies who regularly want to drop off Thursday and not pick up to Sunday or Monday.  Typically they are doing this not for the customer to have more time to play but due to lack of manpower.  There is also other reasons why this practice is not something most companies choose to do.  

#1  It can ruin your grass area leaving an inflatable setup for more a day.  It can definitely kill the grass that it is under expecially during those hot summer months.  

#2  It can create mold/mildew growth just overnight.  This is vinyl and it is getting wet sitting deflated with dew on it during the late hours/early mornings.  Sure one overnight is not going to be a huge problem for you, but imagine if the company is doing this every week...well now it's a problem for you as well because it probably already has mold/mildew growth on it (not usually visible to the eye until it gets really nasty) and you are having your kids bouncing around and laying all over it.  A company who has a reputation for leaving them for a long period of time and not occasional overnight is probably not being conscientious about getting the unit back out at their shop during the week and using a mold/mildew treatment on it and making sure it is allowed to be out drying in the sun afterwards for any wetness inside.

Beware of those cheap companies that might not concentrate on safety or health factors.  Never compromise safety, quality or hygeine over savings.  Pick a company who has a great reputation in the community like word of mouth referrals, as well as positive reviews from their customers.  With little effort you can make the best decision which creates more fun & joy and less headaches and less worries over safety/cleanliness