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Friday, February 19, 2016

This Month's Featured Products

       This Month's Featured Products

Extreme Interactive! Big Red Baller

Have you ever wanted to try your skill on the big baller course and 
see if you can make it across or wipeout? Well, here's your chance 
to test your skills!  This fun new game features a series of four inflatable 
red balls which challengers must jump or run across to reach the other 
side. Climb up the ladder on one of the side platforms high above the 
biggest ball pit you've ever seen. Then try to cross the course by 
jumping or running across those big red balls. Your goals is to hop 
across all four big balls to the platform on the other side.

The Ultimate Obstacle Course Rental

The Ultimate Module Challenge brings everything you love in an 
inflatable attraction together in one brilliant design! The 3 pieces 
include (1) double lane slide with climb challenge steps and tunnel 
exits and (2) L-shaped obstacle alleys that include a variety of 
pop-up, pop-out, log features, rock climb and slide. Each piece can 
stand alone or be combined to create literally hundreds of obstacle 
designs! Arches conveniently tuck into the unit itself, Height without 
Top Arches 14'10".  If this bad boy is a little too big for the space you 
have available we can also offer smaller sections of the course. 3 
Monkeys has a great selection of obstacle courses suited for all ages 
and skill levels.

Distracted Driver Simulator

We all know the dangers of texting or operating other electronic devices 
while driving. But, many young drivers are not changing their behavior. 
Due to many requests we've received, 3 Monkeys Inflatables is now 
offering a unique distracted driving program and simulator for your 
campus.  With the epidemic of distracted driving, it's critical for the safety 
of high school, college drivers, as well as adults. The simulator is set up 
in a way that allows participants to see the dangers of distracted driving 
first hand in a safe environment.

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