Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Indoor Adventures Available!

Hi there!

Did you know that you can rent Inflatables over the winter and use them indoors!  Why should that winter birthday child miss all the fun that Inflatables offer!

This allows you to provide a great fun experience, while burning off that winter energy!  All you need to do is Book a space that allows Inflatables to be put in them that have large ceiling clearance to accommodate them.

Some idea's of spaces to check into in your town:

  • Fire Stations (They usually have plenty of spaces with high ceiling spaces)  
  • Community Centers
  • Ambulance Companies
  • Police Stations
  • Community Exercise Facilities
  • Township Offices
  • Fitness Centers
  • Churches
  • School Gyms
  • and so many more!
Check out your options today and then give us a call or book online at our website www.3monkeysinflatables.com