Thursday, October 22, 2015

Planning the Most Frighteningly Fun Halloween Bash!

I just read an article talking about how so many people now are shying away from traditional trick or treating door to door.  They are looking for a safer alternative to sending the kids out door to door to strangers.

How about planning for a huge Frighteningly Fun Halloween Bash.  This is a great way to really encourage a safe & fun time right in the comfort of your home.  Invite classmates, neighbors, friends, and of course family to come share in your First Annual Halloween Bash!  

We can still help you plan to create excitement by welcoming a great Obstacle Course, or Bounce House into your party them.

Thinking Pumpkin Carving, Scarecrow Building Contest, Treasure Hunts...bobbing for apples...with all the fun the kids are going to have you can end the evening with some trick or treating at stations of each guest who brings a bag of candy.  

We can also add our FOG MACHINE to add that extra special fun factor.  Add some halloween music and it's a mix of fun that will have all the kids talking for years to come...