Thursday, December 6, 2012

2013 Here we come!

2013 is fastly approaching and 3 Monkeys Inflatables has added yet more inventory to their website!

Check out the newest in fun at 3 Monkeys Inflatables

Ultimate Challenge 3 piece Obstacle Course
34.6 FT LONG
18.8 FT HIGH

This unit is a monster!  The best & biggest ultimate playground for kids, with an awesome backside rope climb to the slide to really test the kids abilities!

Zorb balls!

Have you zorbed yet?  

You won't want to miss this newest craze---Zorb balls!  
Perfect for company parties, school parties, teen parties.  One they zorb balls are inflated riders can climb in the hole and begin playing, perfect for large events as they are easy to get in/out of.  
Zorb balls need to be used on grass, inside a gym, or on our inflatable course.  They may not be used on dirt, sand, rocks, asphalt or concrete, as the rough surface will damage the material.  


Home Run Hitter Inflatable Baseball

QB Blitz Football Inflatable Game

Inflatable Skeeball Game

Our newest bounce houses, and combo units!  

Pirate Bounce

Modular Jump House 

Batman Jump House

Superman Jump House

Aqua Combo

more announcements to come soon!  

Saturday, October 6, 2012


We just got back from going to a Industry Show in Philly.  What fun we had, and of course we got time to play with all of the equipment, talk to everyone in our business, and most of all make some decisions on units we are purchasing for 2013!  That is the super exciting part!  

So I thought to give you some insight into our trip I would tell you about our Philly trip.  We arrive in Philly Thursday morning after getting our oldest on the bus, and leaving our other two guys safely in their grandparents care.  We got parked and checked in at the convention center.   

I wish I thought to take a bunch of pictures, but I did not!  Basically you are greeting by a very large convention room filled with inflatables.  (It is noisy as there is probably 50-60 inflatables present!)  

We walk around talking to vendors & looking at the different inflatables.  We even jump into a few toddler units, play with the carnival games inflatables, and try out a few slides & obstacle courses!  It is kind of like a theme park in the sense of getting on so many rides without much of a wait.  

We walk the floor all of Thursday until they close at 5pm.  At 5pm we go check into our hotel and get ready for our dinner, hosted by our manufacturers.  Dinner was wonderful with all kinds of door prizes given to a large group of companies present.  We leave without winning, and arrive back at our hotel where we get all of our catalogs out and go to work seperately narrowing down what our selections will be...then we colloborate over a appetizer the hotel bar to really narrow down the choices to what we will be ordering the next morning before we leave for home.

We picked our units.  We feel strongly they will continue to offer our customers a great selection, and continue to grow our inventory with our customers preferences in mind.  I will have some sneak peaks into the items we chose in the months ahead leading up to the official adding of them to our inventory as they arrive by March 2013.  

All I can say for now is prepare to see some new items that will continue to distinguish us from other Entertainment Companies.

Thanks for listening...until next time!  

Warm Regards,  


Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall/Winter Special

Happy Fall!  

3 Monkeys Inflatables is running Fall-Winter special for all order placed for Oct 2012 thru Dec. 2012 you will receive $20 off any inflatable rental or $40 off any inflatable rental of $249 or more!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Have you checked out our newest of interactive inflatables yet?  You are in store for a huge treat...This inflatable is an EXTREME FUN INTERACTIVE.  Best for kids from about 7 through adult.  

Basically you have 4 players standing on the grey pedestals...The first player starts with the wrecking ball and throws it to one of the other players, hoping to knock them down off their wobbly pedestal!  Try to be the last man/women standing as you take out your competition!  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Concessions just arrived!

We now have a Popcorn Machine & Cart to add to your rental or event!  Check out how beautiful this popcorn machine is! 

Pop on over to to book this for your next event or party! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

NEW FOR 2012


Are you curious about what we added in equipment for 2012 season?    We are so excited to share with you!

18 ft Double Lane Dry Slide    
This slide is awesome for those large events!  Kids and adults alike will love this slide!

Animal Kingdom Toddler Unit Inflatable
I absolutely fell in love with this unit!  It is just the most darling of units with vibrant colors, and so much fun for toddlers!  This would be a huge hit for a preschool, first - fourth birthdays, anywhere you might have toddlers ages 6months to 5 years would be ideal for this inflatable!  Oh the fun they will have!

MORE SNEAKS PEAKS TO COME!  Check back in with us soon!