Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Overnight Rentals verses Daytime Rentals

So as a stay at home mom of 3 boys I understand the need to get your money's worth, and get the most out of your dollar!  I myself enjoy finding great deals, and clipping coupons to watch my savings soar! 

Lately I have heard buzz about other inflatable companies offering for an added fee overnight rentals, and feel the need (or urge) to add my opinion in here for whatever its worth.

Yes.  We do offer overnight rentals.  With that said we don't offer this very often.  The reason for our caution is multi-fold:  1.  We don't like to leave any of our units out overnight not being used.  This opens our inflatable up to so much mold/mildew to grow.  (In our minds if it is not being used the entire time then it is deflated and dew/eliments/animals are all able to get to the inflatable and offer either visible damage or invisible damage (such as mold/mildew).   We want to provide you with the BEST quality, the best clean & sanitized inflatables, at the BEST value. 

In comparision to those other companies who rent their inflatables overnight all the time it is comparing quality with quanity.  We care about your health & your families health.  We promise to  provide you with a fun, quality, clean & sanitized unit.  We do this keeping up standards, and not changing our beliefs or principals just to make a buck. 

We hope we earn your business not by sacrificing quality to make a few bucks but by providing you with all of these things.   By all means if your event is inside or you will be using the inflatable the entire night...Please call us and we will provide you with a price quote for you to rent our inflatable overnight.