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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


65 Foot Obstacle Course Challenge!     
So of course I am so excited to introduce you all to our newest 65 foot obstacle course.  This obstacle is a monster!  It is so much fun to run and race against your opponent...or your kid! :)  In fact we had it out just this past weekend and when we went to pick it the staff was hanging out & said we had a few hours...usually would take us an hour to get out of there, but of course we had to race & play for a few minutes with the boys and really "test" it's racing know strictly for our keen knowledge of each part of the obstacle & so we can define the experience accurately to our customer!  :)  Yeah, and to have fun with the kids!  I have to tell you I had so much fun racing my boys...but I was no match for the brother verses brother challenge!  I heard a lot of I won sung out...but sure looked like a tie to mom!  Whatever it was our little guy Lincoln lagged behind the boys racing and truly felt he was the ultimate winner, as he was the last one out!  Too funny!  
I love that this obstacle course is not only going to add so much to our line of inflatables, but it just provides so much fun...and it feels like it goes on & on forever!  I love how the race does not end so really get the body pumping in this and it is so great for little guys & big guys the same!  
We do rent this obstacle as 2 pieces as well which is great for those who might have a smaller yard area or limited space.  The obstacle itself is roughly around 40 feet alone, and the slide that attaches to it makes us for the the other 25 feet.  They rent separately for $299, but we discount is greatly to $449 for both pieces because it really makes the party/event to have the full obstacle! 

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