Sunday, July 17, 2011

Got Dunked?

Got Dunked?

Our newest addition...introducing the DUNK TANK with window view.
$145 rents it for the day!

Plan your next event or party and add this to any rental.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's getting hot, hot, hot!!!

It sure is getting hot outside!  Our water slides are a great party attraction to cool your guests down!  It is not only fun for the kids, but adults absolutely love the water slide!

We have 2 - 18ft water slides.  They are our primary colored water slide and our Double Wave Dolphin Water Slide.  They are both the same height, and both offer a great way  to cool down on a hot summer day! 

Our Snow Cone machine paired with the water slide makes for a ultimate party!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Overnight Rentals verses Daytime Rentals

So as a stay at home mom of 3 boys I understand the need to get your money's worth, and get the most out of your dollar!  I myself enjoy finding great deals, and clipping coupons to watch my savings soar! 

Lately I have heard buzz about other inflatable companies offering for an added fee overnight rentals, and feel the need (or urge) to add my opinion in here for whatever its worth.

Yes.  We do offer overnight rentals.  With that said we don't offer this very often.  The reason for our caution is multi-fold:  1.  We don't like to leave any of our units out overnight not being used.  This opens our inflatable up to so much mold/mildew to grow.  (In our minds if it is not being used the entire time then it is deflated and dew/eliments/animals are all able to get to the inflatable and offer either visible damage or invisible damage (such as mold/mildew).   We want to provide you with the BEST quality, the best clean & sanitized inflatables, at the BEST value. 

In comparision to those other companies who rent their inflatables overnight all the time it is comparing quality with quanity.  We care about your health & your families health.  We promise to  provide you with a fun, quality, clean & sanitized unit.  We do this keeping up standards, and not changing our beliefs or principals just to make a buck. 

We hope we earn your business not by sacrificing quality to make a few bucks but by providing you with all of these things.   By all means if your event is inside or you will be using the inflatable the entire night...Please call us and we will provide you with a price quote for you to rent our inflatable overnight. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cotton Candy!

Ok?  So Who doesn't love Cotton Candy?  It is melt in your mouth YUM!   We had so much fun playing with our new Cotton Candy Machine and making great & sometimes interesting cones!  The kids love watching you create their cone...they just can't get enough of watching you make cones over & is so funny how excited they get!  My kids were so excited to taste & try the pink verses the blue, and then tasting them together!  :)

Our Cotton Candy Cart rents for $75 and includes enough floss, cones, & sealing bags for 60 cones!  This turns any party into an exciting event, expecially when used as a party favor, event favor, etc....

I love the color, I love the antique look of the cart, and I know you are going to have so much fun with this machine!  We did! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have you heard the news?

Did you hear yet?  We have a new CASTLE 5 in 1 Combo Unit.

Below I will post pictures of the unit and the symethics of the truly cannot appreciate this unit until you see it in person!  It is going to be the hit of your party!

The combo unit serves up a five-challenge inflatable combo bounce house of entertainment! A jump area with basketball hoop and obstacles are central attractions, while continuous movers can climb and slide for hours on end. This versatile inflatable jumper combo is ideal for backyard parties, recreational events or any outdoor party or event.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


65 Foot Obstacle Course Challenge!     
So of course I am so excited to introduce you all to our newest 65 foot obstacle course.  This obstacle is a monster!  It is so much fun to run and race against your opponent...or your kid! :)  In fact we had it out just this past weekend and when we went to pick it the staff was hanging out & said we had a few hours...usually would take us an hour to get out of there, but of course we had to race & play for a few minutes with the boys and really "test" it's racing know strictly for our keen knowledge of each part of the obstacle & so we can define the experience accurately to our customer!  :)  Yeah, and to have fun with the kids!  I have to tell you I had so much fun racing my boys...but I was no match for the brother verses brother challenge!  I heard a lot of I won sung out...but sure looked like a tie to mom!  Whatever it was our little guy Lincoln lagged behind the boys racing and truly felt he was the ultimate winner, as he was the last one out!  Too funny!  
I love that this obstacle course is not only going to add so much to our line of inflatables, but it just provides so much fun...and it feels like it goes on & on forever!  I love how the race does not end so really get the body pumping in this and it is so great for little guys & big guys the same!  
We do rent this obstacle as 2 pieces as well which is great for those who might have a smaller yard area or limited space.  The obstacle itself is roughly around 40 feet alone, and the slide that attaches to it makes us for the the other 25 feet.  They rent separately for $299, but we discount is greatly to $449 for both pieces because it really makes the party/event to have the full obstacle!